Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sexual Differences?

Yesterday our friend drakor wrote an interesting piece on bondage.. or rather the differences between male bondage and female bondage......

He said .. and i quote.........
It is as if women are being held in place to show them off and males shown as strength being held back.

now at first i agreed with made perfect sense.. especially since i had been asked by Sir to research some male bondage pictures and send them off to drakor. i thought i was clever and went to a bunch of gay sites depicting bondage and all manner of S/m. i waded through picture upon picture of males having sex.. cum shots.. and all manner of sexual activities.. but i did indeed find a few good bondage shots which i immediately sent off to drakor. The pictures were of gorgeous male bodies - in top form.

Here is just one example of what i found...........

(ummmmmm for some strange reason i just want to sink my teeth into that ass)

BUT when i read drakor's blog.. and discovered the reasoning behind his request for such pictures.. i realized i had done him a disservice.. i went looking for posed portrait style photos rather than more real life....

If you study the top two pictures you will see on the left an example of a male in bondage and on the right a female.... i personally do not see much of a difference... Today in all the shots that i saw both males and females a like were bound in a way that left them open for sexual contact in all it's many forms. i saw no difference in the manner in which they were displayed or bound. There was no binding of strength versus binding of beauty.

And so i have to say that i disagree with drakor.... i believe given the right female Domme that males can... and are bound ... in a similiar manner to women.. and are most definitely displayed to show off their "wares" so to speak.

(and i have to ask this question......with a small stamp of my foot - 'drakor... are you implying that women are only beauties to behold and have no strength to bind??')


editor's note: ok for some reason the pictures weren't displaying ... i think i found the problem and fixed it.. would someone let me know if they can SEE the pictures - cause i always could.. sorry about the confusion !!!


  1. Anonymous11:49 am

    I know one male in particular whose bondage at the hands of his Mistress is pure artwork. It's sexual and beautful, not to just as much of a need for him as it is for me.

    On the flip side of that, I'd say that a good portion of my own bondage is done not for display purposes but to hold me still. I'd imagine the same for you sometimes, eh? ;)

    Though I will say this, the idea of "It is as if women are being held in place to show them off and males shown as strength being held back." is quite erotic. ;)

    Also, whatever pictures you have on this post aren't displaying for me. I don't know if it's just me though.


  2. Anonymous11:50 am

    *not to mention.


  3. I see th e women contorted on display and the male held in place so the mistress can play so I am still not convinced. Yes there are many pictures of women held in place but there is the other artistic ones such as in this blog. Perhaps Kaya would like to share the pictures of the male bondage that she spoke off for I still see a difference. And since when do you want to bit men's asses. Sir should be careful around you

  4. ok.. drakor.. i don't think i am getting your point at all.. :(

  5. Just taht artistic and male seems not to go together that is all

  6. I understand what Drakor is saying.
    On first glance, they DO look quite similar, but when I sat and studied them both for a moment, I saw what he was talking about.
    Although the position is somewhat similar, the male is not contorted very much or arched ... it's as if there's a table under him and he's laying flat. Restrained.
    He's not really that exposed.
    The woman on the other hand, is arched with head up and all her pink parts are exposed.

    Subtle differences, but differences nonetheless.
    Maybe it's just how "we" perceive men and women traditionally.

    Or maybe i'm just over analyzing it.

    I too find myself wanting to take a bite out of that man's ass.
    A big juicy one!

  7. Anonymous5:22 pm

    I attribute the differences more to a skinny female like that being more flexible than a male.

    The blog I referred to earlier is Destiny and her pet chance. When they do post his bondage pictures, it's more about sensuality and display than actual restraint. He would rather be nowhere else than exactly where She poses him. :)



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