Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Resumed programming..

ok.. i know this morning's post probably didn't do much to stir anyone to philosophical thoughts ...... or thoughts of pain.. or thoughts of BDSM.. but it cleared my head and helped me step into the day with a renewed sense of well being........

now back to your regular program........


Saturday at 4 pm found Sir and i attending a workshop in caning and paddling animated by JC Cestou - Mr. Leather Chicago 2007.

i have to say that not all animators are born public speakers BUT JC Cestou is a rare breed. He caught everyone's attention immediately with his wickedly devilish grin as he explained how he smuggled his "weapons" across the border. He talked a little bit about the history of caning........ and the use of it to this day in some countries. BUT he knew instinctively when to cut to the chase (so to speak) and get down to the 'fun' parts - the demo.

It helped.. i think.. that his volunteer was cheeky and re-defined (at least in my mind) the word "pain slut". My god ...... that man took everything JC Cestou had to give and actually asked for more!!! It isn't very often that i get to watch a caning session (in fact i have never watched one.. just been on the receiving end). It fascinated me to watch as the stripes started to appear across his ass. It hypnotized me - it really did!! JC Cestou explained how there were two styles to caning...... the British way and the Western way. He explained how he didn't much like the Western way...... he would demonstrate it.. but for the most part he would use the British style.

He checked with his intended victim that it would be ok to demo the British way first....... and as soon as he got the go ahead.. he swung and hit with everything he had....... absolutely no warm up. The submissive (i wish i could remember his name... hell i can't even remember his face .. considering as all we really saw was his naked ass) gasped and stood straight up........... then said "thank you Sir" and actually asked for more........ and more he got. Each different cane was demonstrated.. and each time the submissive would gasp .. stand straight up in the air.. kind of stamp his foot.. then say "thank you Sir" and usually ask for more!! JC Cestou would stop between canings and answer questions or point out interesting facts. i found myself growing increasingly amazed by the amount of pain the submissive took......... and found myself growing increasingly anxious to receive a caning session!!

The Western style was very slow and controlled.... and included a warm up (which if you ask me .. was a bit late in the game..... ) slow tap tap taps of the cane before one hard whallop. JC Cestou explained that the real reason he didn't much like the Western style was that he was a sadist and to him it wasn't about being kind to the submissive and making sure they were warmed up and enjoying it.. but much more about whether he was enjoying himself... (typical sadist if you ask me!!) The one thing everyone noticed was how JC Cestou kept running his hand over the submissive's ass......... and finally someone asked why........ JC Cestou got this devilish grin on his face and explained it helped him to check the damage being done....... helped the submissive cope with the caning..... and besides he said.. "He enjoyed the touching!" (wink wink say no more say no more)

JC Cestou also explained that a caning should really never exceed 25 strokes. (believe you me i made sure that Sir caught that piece of information....... cause i am sure i have had more than 25 in a row!! not that my scathing looks made one iota of difference to Sir!!) He switched to paddles after the 25 cane strokes........ and used the paddle pretty much the same way he used the cane.. no nice tap tap taps.. just hard whallops.. wham bang thank you ma'am kind of hitting.

i couldn't believe how fast the hour flew by...... i could have watched the session go on much longer....... and i have a feeling the submissive would have liked a whole lot more as well (at the evening's play party i did see the familiar ass up on a couple of pieces of equipment being reddened by more than one dominant)

i came away feeling admiration for this quiet soft spoken man with the devilish grin......Mr. Leather Chicago 2007.


  1. Shades of Singapore

  2. Shame I never learnt to count very well :-))

    Owner of morningstar

  3. Oooohhhh ..... he IS a sadistic one isn't he?!


  4. Anonymous4:17 pm

    morningstar, I didn't go to boarding school, but master did and have quite some horrible stories about those... and the caning is part of those... I can testified that the British way is way much awful, but really rewarding as I compare it as ass fucking... At least, for me, the more careful you are, the worse it is... I prefere way much that he goes for it one shot than the come and go terrifying way of when that fucking pain will finally happen....


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