Sunday, August 19, 2007

This and that...

Well Sir has just left me to go to the monthly munch.....unfortunately i am home.... recovering.

i have no idea - honestly - what i am recovering from....... i am thinking too many greasy fatty foods over the last few days have irritated my gall bladder again...... but i did have another of those weird shivery cold.. burning hot sessions with achy joints last night... so perhaps the bug from a week ago has been lying dormant?????? i honestly do not know.. and truthfully have no time or patience to worry about it.. i go back to work tomorrow..

This afternoon Sir pulled out some pretty lil clothes pegs He bought on Monday on our cross border shopping trip. He put them on my pussy lips... and i moaned and whimpered and cried real tears for the short time He left them on. The tears fascinated me.. i didn't consciously think 'ouch that hurts i am going to cry'... the tears just streamed down my face... and that surprised me. i found myself wondering where they came from?? Yes the pegs hurt.... and no i don't think i could have gotten past the hurt....... but still ... tears??

pretty little pegs..

nasty little marks...

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