Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer camp....

This morning i dragged up most of the camping gear from the basement (though... ummmm .. the toy bag is still down there.. think Sir will notice?? )

And then i tried to sort out my clothes......... now when i used to camp clothes were never a problem.. swimsuits, shorts, tshirts, and a couple of pairs of jeans and a sweatshirt and rain poncho..... but packing for BDSM summer camp is a whole different thing. i had 2 piles on the bed.. one pile was in case it turned wet and rainy (which it has done every single year we have gone to one of these events!!) leotards, rain pants, rain poncho, warm thick socks, turtleneck sweater........ and in the other pile were the clothes Sir said i could bring..... my black velvet cape.. my black lace dress.. my tack bra (oh joy oh joy!!)

It was interesting last year .. our first time at this camp.... that so many people brought their fet clothes...... there were lots and lots of leather (which probably was a good thing for them .. leather does keep you warm)and some corsets... and a lot of just plain black clothes.. including Lady Kate's fancy black lace skirt that she managed to "melt" (yes i said MELT) on the propane heater. At past camps... Sir has always said i didn't need to bring any fet clothes as i was to be naked (weather permitting) the entire time.. oh wait.. maybe a rope harness to help me feel "covered" ........ This year i convinced Him that my lil black lace dress really doesn't hide anything.. and it would be nice to "fit in" a little bit.... and my black velvet cape is more a necessity as Sir always wraps me up in it at public play parties after a session........ the tack bra....... well Sir loves to put me in it.. and then encourage everyone to give me big tight hugs..... such fun!!! (see me grimacing??)

Last year there was an artist - Paedra - attending the camp, who offered anyone who wanted, a free portrait. Sir and i signed up......... well hells bells how many times do you get a chance to have a free portrait done?? The one thing neither of us anticipated.. well not really.. was having to hold the position for - what felt like hours!! Fortunately our scheduled time fell during the afternoon siesta - not a scheduled event - but it just kinda evolved.. people had played late into the night on the Friday.... and had started playing again right after breakfast.. so it seemed appropriate that after lunch many retired to their respective tents for a little siesta before the afternoon into the late night play sessions. And i have to add here.. during our portrait time was the one time all weekend the sun peaked out of the heavy black clouds, and warmed the air up a degree or two.

Anyway.. tonight Sir and i are off to watch grandson in his soccer game and then home to pack the car. Tomorrow morning bright and early we head off to camp........ who knows what surprises this weekend holds for us.........

i will be back here at the computer Monday morning as usual........... everyone have a great weekend - be kind to each other and play safe..........


  1. Hope you stay dry - and enjoy!

  2. I hope you're wet for 'other' reasons!



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