Tuesday, December 05, 2006

on gags..

Last night during my nightly chat with Sir.......... i was fussing over Him and this cold He is fighting. Sir had to go out later in the evening, and i was trying to give Him some old fashioned advise about night air and colds. My mother ALWAYS said that there was nothing worse for a cold than cold damp night air. She would insist (even if i only had a little cough) that i wear a scarf over my mouth and nose. Sir guffawed over that idea.. said that is why they make heaters for cars.. and that He most definitely did NOT "do" gags.

That made me laugh.. because you see.. in my opinion Sir most definitely DOES "do" gags. We have 2 ring gags, one bit gag and one ball gag hanging on the wall in the play room. Besides that .. Sir has used scarves, and socks, and underwear to gag me. All of which make me gag....... (yeah yeah i know i am not supposed to GAG.. but i am supposed to be quiet!!)

While i was thinking about all this gagging.. i remembered my all time favourite way of being gagged...... with bondage tape. The very first time Sir bound my head in it.. i found it a bit scary......... and after a long hard session the removal of said bondage tape brought on the most interesting reaction from me. It felt very much like all the skin on my face was being stripped off. i remember frantically feeling the tape as layer by layer it was removed.. i remember running my hands over my face to assure myself that everything was where it was supposed to be. And i remember declaring my undying love of bondage tape!!! (though i was never very impressed with the look of myself bound up in it!)

Now i was thinking.......... as soon as Sir is fit and well again....... and seeing as how the bondage tape is such a festive colour........... maybe.. just maybe Sir will bind me up and have His way with me..................... yummmmmmy!!!


CLoud said...

anything to get into Christmas spirit next you will want to be tied to a Christmas tree hmmm prickly.

Sir said...

Cloud, W/we have done the Christmas tree wrap and loved doing it...

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