Friday, December 29, 2006

Bits and pieces...

Well Sir's birthday celebrations are over....... and i think they were a HUGE success..
The roast beast was cooked to perfection.. the yorkshire puddings were light and airy and browned just so.. the parisien potatoes were roasted crisp and delicious... the lemon birthday cake (Sir's favourite) was a crowning finish to the meal (even IF the silly sparklers - instead of candles - burned down too quickly and i had to rush the cake into the dining room and finish lighting them there!)

BUT for me the best part was my being able to capture just a little bit of Sir's childhood. Let me explain......... a while back Sir gave me this picture of Himself with His dad .. playing with his toy train (i think he got it for Christmas or birthday - i honestly can't remember) The train has long since disappeared - along with a lot of His other toys.

Sir loves trains.. we have been to Delson where they have a train museum.. we have been to numerous model train exhibits.. we have ridden on an old steam train tour.. and Sir has always looked longingly at train sets when we are in hobby shops. So.... for His birthday i bought Him a "starter" set of HO model trains...... enough track that the ding dang thing doesn't fit on the dining room table..... Sir's eyes positively lit up !!! And He is already planning to buy a huge sheet of plywood to set the train up on....... already planning where He is going to paint the wood....... how He is going to store it here.. and how maybe.. with the help of our dear friend Cloud.. He will add legs to the plywood so it can be just the right height to play with/work on....... (and yeah i have to admit i am already wondering where we can find houses that i can build and paint to add to the scene !!) It was wonderful to be able to give Him something that He has longed for .......... to try and recapture a little bit of a lost childhood !!


Then this morning i was catching up on some blogs that i rarely have time to read..... and The English Gentleman wrote an amazing scene that involved "holly"... which i must admit had me wiggling a bit in my chair...... and then my mind went to the center piece that Sir had brought for the Christmas dinner table........ and lo and behold .. upon serious scrutiny i found YES !! there is actually holly in the centerpiece...AND then of course my imagination got to wondering............... and wellllll.. i will leave it all to your imagination!!!


And before i close for today........... the 31st is fast approaching..... and i have this standing order to write a submission to my Fictional Journey once every month....... so it is due on the 1st of January............. does anyone have any story starters for me?? any ideas of what could possibly happen to my lil subbie that hasn't already happened to her??? Any kinky ideas that you would like to see enlarged upon???
can i say ............... H E L P ???
i do believe i have major writer's block !!!

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Buffalo said...

It's a great hobby and that was a great gift.

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