Tuesday, August 20, 2019

We're homeeeeeeeeee

Didja miss us?

What a whirlwind holiday it was !!!  Left here Friday after lunch and drove almost 4 hours to check into our hotel.......... the lil one was in awe of the hotel -- and loved the idea we would all sleep in the same room -- AND -- we could watch TV in bed!!!

Saturday we took the train into downtown Toronto (driving and parking is a nightmare!!)  We emerged from the station to tall buildings... crowds of people and noisy cars.  ( I was ready to head home - grinning)   

We took something called the skywalk to Ripley's Aquarium.  Neither Sir Steve or the lil one had ever been - it was my 3rd trip.  It really is well worth the money........ I don't know of any aquarium where you walk through the aquarium and the fish swim all around you and over you...........

 We spent the whole afternoon exploring all the fish and then caught the train back to our hotel.  We were exhausted - having walked over 8000steps .... AND we still had Lego land to visit the next day!!

Sunday morning both Sir Steve and I were doing an inventory of body aches....... dear god I felt old!! BUT we packed up the car like good sports and headed off an hour drive north of Toronto to visit Lego land. I have to be honest I  had no idea what it was gonna be like -- but we were all so impressed!!  Everything of course is built out of lego....... there were 2 rides and a 4D movie theater besides all sorts of challenges to do.  We easily spent over 3 hours doing all the activities........... 

the Toronto Skyline out of legos

waiting for the 4D movie to start

 Then it was time to hop in the car for the almost 5 hour drive home. 

Yesterday - after a decent night's sleep in our own beds.... we spent a quiet morning vegging and chillin' then it was time to head off to the city for the lil one's audition at the dance school.  She was bubbling with excitement and when we picked her up afterwards (we weren't allowed to stay and watch - see me sulk??) She announced to anyone who would listen "THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!"  nothing seems to phase this child - not even dancing on stage in front of strangers.  We won't hear anything for 2 weeks apparently.   BUT her confidence and enthusiasm must count for something!!

Sir Steve headed back to work this morning -- and while I am banging out this post the lil one is writing about her holiday adventures in her journal.  

Life is good when you make fun family memories.............


  1. I have been to three aquariums where you walk through a tunnel and the fish swim around you, in Birmingham, Brighton and Barcelona. I loved them all and have just realized that they where all in places that began with a 'B'. I so want to go to a Lego land though, I have loved Lego since I was a little kid.


  2. Hi Morningstar, wow, sounds like a fantastic trip! Glad you had a great time :) thank you for sharing the pics, the auqarium and Legoland look awesome!

    That's wonderful news the lil one enjoyed the audition and that it went well.


  3. I've been to a couple of aquariums that have a viewing tunnel - where the fish area all around. Was this like that?


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