Saturday, August 10, 2019

Friday night Storm

I love camping -- well you can hardly call what we do 'camping' honestly - more like glamping.  BUT despite having a 2 bedroom trailer I am still a fair weather camper.  I am great in sunshine and warm temperatures .......... not so much when it cools down and rains.  I lecture myself it would be no different if we were in the city -- I mean rainy miserable weather is rainy and miserable no matter where you are right?!  BUT I get cranky when the weather turns and am prone to whine about the Fall coming and then winter.

Yesterday we had one of those rainy cool miserable days.  I was hoping to have a fire last night -- but the rain changed to storms and we were banished inside....... which wasn't ALL that bad honestly.  Eldest daughter and her husband came over and we played cards and watched comedy on Netflix.  (it really is 'glamping' we have TV and everything!!)

Before the storm got too bad I grabbed my camera and went out and took some pics of the evening stormy sky.......... 

Today Sir Steve and I are off to town to watch the dragon boat races - something I have always wanted to do and never done!  Bringing my camera and hopefully will get some excellent shots.
And then we're going to poutine fest.  For those of you not familiar with poutine .....  it was a Quebec 'thing' for many years but it's popularity is spreading country wide.  The original poutine was french fries, with cheese curds on top and then a liberal helping of gravy was poured over - melting the cheese curds.... the greasier the better!  NOW you can get pretty much whatever you want on the top of your poutine - from bacon to smoked meat to curried chicken!!

Tomorrow I'll post more pics of our Saturday adventure -- if my stomach has recuperated from the greasy poutine (grinning).  

Life is good when despite the cool stormy temperatures you can still have fun and adventures!


  1. I think that Turner could have painted those skies.


  2. Hi Morningstar, great pics! Sounds like you made the most of the stormy weather. We actually had a thunderstorm here last night too.


  3. oh greasy cheesy gravied fries sound heavenly. have a great time!

  4. I love fresh, squeaky cheese curds. Hope you ate your fill!



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