Thursday, August 15, 2019

A BIG Summer Adventure

Tomorrow we are all heading off to the BIG city for an end of summer family holiday.  Sir Steve managed to get Friday and Monday off work (it's their busy season so we are counting ourselves very lucky!)

The lil one has never been on a family vacation.  'Cause like when you spend all sorts of money on a seasonal campsite with a two bedroom trailer there just doesn't seem much point in going away ya know?  

BUT seriously the experiences we are gonna have -- gonna share with the lil one!! We live in a small town and are heading to Toronto which is a BIG city.  We are gonna stay in a hotel.  We are gonna take a train.  We are gonna go to the Ripley's Aquarium.  We are gonna go to Legoland.  We are gonna eat in restaurants.  We are gonna watch TV lying on our big beds in the hotel room.  We are gonna swim in the salt water indoor pool.  We are gonna make wonderful memories!!  

Life is good when you create wonderful family memories........... 


  1. Oh wow Morningstar, how fabulous, and exciting! What a great way to wind down summer. Hope you have a wonderful time:)


  2. Wow oh Wow! lil'one is gonna LOVE it! Welcome to the big TO! So much to see and do!



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