Saturday, August 03, 2019


Tomorrow is Sir Steve's birthday.  Youngest daughter - a few weeks ago - invited all of us to her place for a pool party and barbecue.  Secretly I contacted her and the eldest daughter to plan a mini surprise birthday party for Sir Steve.  

Then his parents said they wanted to come visit for his birthday....... le sigh....... they wanted to come on Saturday -- but have agreed to come tomorrow.  So I got to plan 2 birthdays for Sir Steve .......... how could I not??? if I wanted to keep today's party a surprise.  

So I have ordered 2 cakes -- one big one with dragons for today and a smaller one with a football theme for Sunday.  The lil one is so excited for these birthday parties....... she made her dad (with my help) a plaque that says "You Rock" from salt dough and small rocks from the road outside our trailer....... we baked it and sealed it and it's all wrapped up for Daddy.  I bought him a samurai that he's had his eye on -- and being the sneaky conniving woman I am I had it sent to youngest daughter's house!!

Life is good when you can celebrate with laughter love and family !



  1. Happy Birthday to Sir Steve! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating:) love the gift from the lil one :)


  2. Happy birthday to Sir Steve! The cakes sound so fun!


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