Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Summer of Growth

I arrived unannounced and unexpected in the lil one's life 3 summers ago.  Back then she was about 18 months behind in social development.  I remember shaking my head and thinking 'we've got a lot of work cut out for us'.  

I think I went into 'teacher mode'...... working with her and her father.   I set the bar high and we worked to reach it -- even surpass it. I am a hard task master - my girls will tell you....... all the kiddies I taught will tell you ... AND their parents!  I was labelled the hard teacher - the tough teacher ... and I like to think the loving teacher as well.  

I would ask all my kids "is this the best work you can do?"  and if it was (honestly was) then I would tell them to pat themselves on the back - literally and figuratively.  I wanted them to internalize the learning process - internalize the successes - not look for gratification from outside but strive to find it inside of themselves.

Over the last almost 3 years with the lil one -- we have had our " not your best work is it?" times..... and we've had the "that is GREAT work - pat yourself on the back" times.  It's been quite a time of growth.

This summer though I have seen the most growth in the lil one...... and watched as her confidence has rocketed!  She learned to ride her two wheeler without training wheels - watched as she mastered riding her new mountain bike.... virtually by herself!  "No Daddy - I don't want help - I will do it myself!" Watched her swim in the pool - face in the water - no fear!  Worked with her on her writing in her journal every morning and saw the sentence structure improve and the entries get longer.  

I have seen her back straighten and watched her hold her head high - literally!!  I have watched her pat herself on the back!!  without any prompting.... I have heard her say "I am proud of........ (fill in the blanks)......... 

Last night Sir Steve received a phone call from the lil one's dance school.  September is just around the corner and it's time to start registering for classes.  Only thing is...... they phoned to invite the lil one to audition for the competitive dance class.  We were gob smacked.  My initial response was a resounding NO.  I honestly believe there is more than enough competition in a child's life -- I wanted dance to be something fun.......... no stress.  But then while I thought about it -- and we got more information about it (like how many classes per week -- how many competitions per year etc) I started to rethink my stand.  Sir Steve and I decided it was time to have a family meeting and talk it out.  He went down to mother's trailer and brought the lil one back with him.   We talked -- she processed (god does she process - EVERYTHING!)  and she said 'yes she wanted to be on the dance competition team'.  I explained just cause she got invited to audition did not mean she would make the team.   AND if she didn't make the team it didn't mean she had failed - it simply meant she needed more experience (she's only been dancing for one year after all!)  

So it's decided Sir Steve and I and the lil one will be going to the auditions on Monday night.......... and we'll see how she does.   (though truthfully I have a feeling she'll ace it - do I sound like a proud mom?) 

Life is good when a plan comes together and we have growth and accomplishment!



  1. Wishing lil one all the best for her audition. Such an achievement to be asked!
    Hugs from Oz,
    Kanga Jo xx

  2. Wow that's amazing! It feels awesome to be that teacher that grooms a young 'un doesn't it? One of my music students decided she wanted to sing in the national (like the COUNTRY's) junior choir so she went and auditioned and got in! Her mum is supportive, and I'd like to think I taught her her music well! She's doing great now. and I'm sure your lil one will do great too! Let us know how the audition turned out.

  3. How fantastical Morningstar, both the growth you have seen in the lil one and the invite. Wishing her the very best for the audition.


  4. Morningstar, wonderful news for the lil one. Wishing her all the very best, I think she will do great.



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