Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I've been in the BDSM community for almost 30 years now.  Back in the day there were many 'munches' (meals with like minded folk) and play parties and some workshops and a lot of networking.  I loved that time -- there were a lot of discussions and learning and it just felt right ya know.... being with others of the same mind set and not having to watch what you said.

Back in those days we didn't worry (or I didn't) about meeting new people.... had many cups of coffee and met many new people.  There also were a large number of blogs back in the day -- submissive blogs.  I would read avidly and sometimes drop a comment or two....... that lead to long distant friendships which were just as much fun and intriguing as the people I met face to face. 

One such long distant friendship via blogs was selkie.  Honestly she always sounded much more worldly and knowledgeable than I was........ so imagine my surprise when she dropped me a line and said she would be down visiting her mom in the city I lived in and would I be interested in meeting up for a coffee?!!!  I was delighted.  What I remember the most about that meeting was being green with envy over her long thick red hair. 

 There are lapses in my memory ....... blame it on old age........ but I remember when she told me the BDSM in her marriage was no more.  I was gob smacked -- her relationship sounded like a fairy tale to me....... I was sure it would go on forever...... so yeah I was shocked.  (not her marriage -- just the BDSM part)

Her blog stopped but she added me on FB so I still could 'stay in touch' on the vanilla side.   

Time passed -- occasionally she would leave (still does) a comment on The Journey but for the most part FB was our only contact.

Now all of this history has a point.......... 

A week ago I got a private message on FB from selkie -- she wondered if I would give her my new address here in my new city.  Of course I would!!!  She then told me she had been at an auction sale and had picked up some nice chopsticks and a fan and thought she might mail them down to me....... she knows how much Sir Steve and I love the Japanese/Chinese culture. 

Honestly there are no words to describe how touched I was.  
 "Of all possessions a friend is the most precious"  - Herodotus


  1. Hi Morningstar,

    The best thing about this amazing community is the wonderful friendships that are made behind the blogs. I never dreamed I would make such wonderful friend's here when I started blogging. I have received such amazing support and some lovely, sweet gifts and cards also. I only wish I could meet blog friends in person.

    Happy for you that you have been able to reconnect with Selkie :)


  2. My dear friend, thank you for such kind words - I'm so happy that you will enjoy them and now you'll have a set for your "second" home in the campground! One less thing to think of bringing back and forth. We have indeed been friends for a very long time! xoxoxo

  3. Morningstar - I've made some wonderful friends in this community and so happy that I have met some.

    How lovely of Selkie. If that is Selkie who should to blog, please say hello from me. I lovde reading her blog.



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