Monday, May 06, 2019

Working Weekend

Productive weekend for sure....... 

Sir Steve cleaned out the mouse nest from the bathroom and I got busy cleaning and scrubbing and bleaching the trailer (we had LOADS of mouse poop everywhere)
I was busy trying to organise everything... finding cupboard space for all our 'stuff' and mind racing to thoughts on decorating and putting our personal touch on the trailer.... 

Sir Steve was busy building a shed out the back to hold all the garden stuff -- all his tools -- the lil one's bike and bigger toys -- and all my craft supplies.  He also managed to get the fire pit moved (our new trailer is 11 feet longer so it kinda ate into our campfire space) 

It wasn't the best weekend weather wise -- so working was a little easier to do.... No campfire on Friday (drizzly miserable night) -- good campfire on Saturday night ..... but not a long one .. it was bloody cold!

In all that busy-ness there was no room or energy for sex or play ....... stress is NOT our friend trust me on that...... 

I had hoped to be able to share loads of pictures with you today.... but somehow I didn't get a pic of the finished shed (though I was sure I had taken one) ... and the shots I took inside the trailer were off -- just didn't do it justice....... BUT I think my favourite part of our new trailer are the patio doors.....makes it feel like a home/cottage ya know............

And the dog had a blast ... weather and busy-ness  doesn't interfere with her fun........ 
Sir Steve had cut down an off shoot from a tree that was in the way of the shed... he threw it to the side and of course the dog found it!  got all excited cause ya know a STICK!!  and spent a good number of hours trying to figure out how to lift it and get it up the stairs to the deck.... (Sir Steve did eventually cut it down to more manageable sizes for her)

Life is good when the worst of the camp opening is over -- and there's hope that sex and play and sunshine will return for next weekend.



  1. Nice looking trailer! ... enjoy your upcoming weekends, Morningstar ... I do miss camping ... gotta get back to it one day ... nj ... xx

  2. Looks awesome Morningstar:) yay for a productive weekend and getting the worst of the camp opening done. Now you can enjoy:)



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