Friday, May 31, 2019


As the end of May has drawn closer and closer I find my thoughts are more and more on the end of the withdrawal period.  Over 9 months my lil white pills have been getting smaller and smaller....... until this month when it is but a few small grains of white powder in pill form so small they get lost under my nails.  Every night for the past 9 months I have swallowed the pills and hung on to the thought that it would be soon be over -- and OH I wanted it over!!!

But now when I see only 2 small bits of white pill left in the bottom of the orange bottle - only 2 more nights - does the reality of it sink in........ and I am scared.  

What will happen ?  Am I strong enough to be done with them?   Will my body and mind crawl through this last withdrawal period to come out the other side free from the drug - finally?

Can I do this?


  1. Yes you can, Morningstar ... the worst is behind you ... big hug! ... nj

  2. Probably not can't. But with the support of your Sir and family...and all your friends in blog land, I know you can. We are a safe place to vent, to 'spout off'...we are here to cheer you on!
    hugs abby

  3. You got this Morningstar, and we are here to support you.



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