Friday, May 24, 2019

Here I am.....

I decided - seeing as it is a short weekend for us - to come up to the campsite early today and take advantage of the sunshine.  (it's supposed to rain tomorrow - le sigh)

Course if it rains tomorrow...... maybe we can take advantage (again) of the BIG bed..... (king size and needs a stool to climb up into)

lots of play room !!!

Oh and while I am showing off our home away from home........ here's some tapestries that Sir Steve ordered for the living area. 

It really doesn't feel like "just a trailer" from the inside!!  and probably explains why I keep referring to it as the 'cottage'.

Everyone enjoy your weekend.......... 


  1. The bed looks and sounds awesome and I love the tapestries. Sounds like you have made the trailer a real home away from home.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend:)


  2. Have a great weekend, Morningstar ... dance recital and all! ... nj ... xx

  3. That is some 'play ground' you two have...enjoy!! hugs abby

  4. it really does feel like a wonderful Home away from Home. Love the bed!

  5. That is a gorgeous bed!


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