Monday, May 27, 2019


Well I survived the dance recital -- so did "Daddy" btw....... barely.  BUT OMG I am exhausted today!!

The lil one really wanted curls in her pony tail -- but she has this bone straight - baby fine hair!  I tried...... 10 am Sunday morning she was sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of the trailer while I used the curling iron...... then I fixed each curl with a clip and sprayed the hell out of it with hair spray...... and we left it in for almost 2 hours.

Then I put on her 'stage' makeup..... dear god I was so worried she'd look like (as her father put it) a 70's porn star with the required blue eye shadow and red lips........ I didn't sleep well Saturday night worrying about it and even looked up a video on YouTube on applying make up on a 6 year old ......... everyone seemed to think I worked a miracle and she looked 'fantastic' ...... the lil one looked in the mirror when I was done painting her face and said "WOW I didn't recognise myself!"  (I think that was a good thing!)

We sat through 4 hours of dancing and awards ......... and when all was said and done it was huge success.  The lil one danced with all the confidence in the world... right on beat -- not missing a step..... we were both so proud of her!!  AND she can't wait to go back to dance class next year !!  She won a participation medal and a trophy for perfect attendance (grinning and rolling eyes).  She didn't care she felt like a STAR!

Life is good when love dances... 


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  1. Hi Morningstar, oh well done and congratulations to lil one! Glad the recital went well. Lil one's hair looked awesome:)



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