Thursday, May 23, 2019


30 some odd years ago I was smack in the middle of piano recitals - dance recitals and year end school activities.  I survived those hectic days.

And now -- because that time was so much fun and no stress at all -- I am re-doing it.  
After a year of dance classes the lil one's recital is this weekend.  We have to have the lil one to the theatre (yeah you read that right -- THEATRE!) for 12 noon on Sunday.  Anyone ever heard of lunch???  So this morning I am baking oatmeal muffins that she can eat on the run with a hunk of cheese.  

This afternoon we are gonna have a 'dress rehearsal' for her hair.  Her group are turning into smurfs and dancing to the music from the smurf movie..... (who knew there was a smurf movie -- not me!)  All the children are supposed to have their hair in pony tails on top of their heads........ I got the bright idea of seeing if we can't add some curls to this pony tail.......... curls that might last longer than an hour!  The lil one is thrilled.......... so let's drag out the hair spray, the curling iron and see what we can do!  IF it works then Sunday morning I will curl the pony tail -- put clips in to hold the curls in place till we get to the theatre.

Ok -- truth of the matter I am into this dance recital...... and transforming the lil one into a smurf..... and giving up my Sunday at the campsite to go to the show........ 

Life is good when you get a 're-do'.


  1. This made me smile Morningstar, smurfs huh? Good luck with the hair and hope the recital goes well :)


  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I was actually involved in a similar dance recital, albeit inadvertently. Around this time of year, two years ago, I parked in the grocery store lot near a theatre and was approached by a security guard who asked if I was going into Metro. I said yes, was that okay? He said there was a dance recital going on that day and they had to tell the participants to park elsewhere so customers could use the lot. I showed him my reusable bag and went inside to shop.

    Maybe you should check out the parking situation today too:)



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