Tuesday, February 27, 2018

No Apology

I will not apologize for yesterday's blog.  I have always said this is my blog -- where I write out my fears ... my hopes... my dreams.  

I understand some..... most??... of you may not agree with me..... that's ok! You have that right -- the same way as I have the right to feel the way I feel.  I do not write fantasies .... I do not just write the 'good stuff'.... I write about my life ..... and sometimes it's dark and sad and sometimes it's the best place to be..... most of the time it's a combination of both.

I do take exception to being told I sound ungrateful.  Really???  Ungrateful for what??  You can not read bits and pieces of my life here and think you really truly know me!  AND to make those accusations behind the mask of "anonymity"  (shaking head).  Unlike a few women I have known -- I support myself ..... I do not look to a man to complete me.  I do not collect men.  I do not NEED a man.  You can take your 'ungrateful' comment
 and ................................. 


  1. Well said. Your honesty and your reality good and bad is what keeps me coming back.

    Ignore the idiots who don’t have the courage to leave their names.

    I think the little lady is a very luck girl to have you in her life. Even if it is tough for you sometimes. Life is not just most of the time and if you can’t come to your own blog to stamp your feet once in a while where can you go? ��

    Stamp away. And don’t stop until you feel better.

  2. Anonymous11:51 pm

    We all need to vent sometimes or we'd go cuckoo! (You just do it publicly through your blog.) We faithful readers want you to find the happiness that you richly deserve in life. Only you can decide if your relationship is worth any downsides that may come with it.


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