Friday, February 23, 2018

Freedom !!

The lil one just left for school -- and then off to her mother's for the weekend

Can you see me doing the happy dance??!!  
(which doesn't mean I don't like the child -- it just means I am SO ready for some time off 'parenting'.)

We are free this weekend to do what we want.... whatever we want --  YAY!!  We're gonna sleep in -- shop for a freezer -- and finally get to have our romantic Valentine's dessert..... (chocolate fondue)

I bought this for 'us' long before I knew we wouldn't be alone over the Valentine's weekend.... (cause mother doesn't give us any warning dontcha know -- and yes I sound bitter)

I am off this morning to buy some strawberries and bananas and whatever other delicacies that I can find. 

Then home to do some pampering and primping to be all ready for Sir Steve and our weekend together.


  1. Sounds like you might be in for the perfect weekend. ENjoy your time together!

  2. Love chocolate fun to eat...and can lead to some fun licking....just saying..hugs abby

  3. You can totally love someone but want a break!

    I hope you have a lovely sexy time!


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