Thursday, February 15, 2018

Blow back

I got some 'blow back' on my post yesterday.  I found it a bit interesting -- I posted the same pic on Facebook -- and most of the 'likes' were males.

I personally do not like Valentine's day.  I don't understand why we need one day of the year to tell someone we love them..... or one day to be romantic.... it's like the celebration is for those who need 'reminding' ...... what's that about??!!  I don't need to be reminded to tell anyone I love them -- nor do I need one day to be romantic. 

I don't know if any of you know that in 2002 -- in reaction to Valentine's Day and the pressure to buy chocolate and flowers and cards for their women -- some men declared March 14th Steak and Blow job Day.  They even have a website....... click here if you're curious.......   This holiday hasn't hit 'main stream' per say -- no Hallmark cards yet! I just know I do not need one special day a year to give my man a blow job or cook his favourite food (cheeky grin) It's a regular activity around this house.

OH and while I am on the subject -- I am not nearly clever enough to write prose or flowery poetry for Sir Steve (or anyone else I give a card to).  I too frequent the card shops and read through every card to find just the right one!  Just not on Valentine's Day........ 

For the record -- I did give both Sir Steve and the lil one a 'Valentine's Day' card/gift last evening.............. spent the day baking............... 

And the sentiments in the card Sir Steve gave me said"
The greatest privilege of my life is loving you"

Don't forget -- for those of you who received sentimental cards, chocolate and flowers yesterday -- one month from now -- March 14th is Steak and BJ Day...



  1. I'm sorry you felt the comments were a blow-back. I didn't intend them to be.

    I don't need Valentine's Day to show Sir I love him, but I like having that extra time... just feels special.

    I made him a steak.... and gave him a blowjob too, hahahah! Early steak and blowjob day?

    Not that I don't do these things usually, because I do!

  2. Well blow jobs do not need a special day here...but going to surprise Master with cake and one on the holiday...maybe since it is a holiday more than one..hugs abby

  3. I had another thought... just males liked it on Facebook... makes me wonder why no ladies? Do most ladies like V day, and most males don't? Hence, why blowback on your blog from ladies, but males on FB liking it? I should ask Sir if he truly enjoys celebrating, or if he feels obligated!

  4. The comments you made about Valentine's Day, I could make about any holiday. That might be why some people didn't appreciate them. It's not that people need reminding, or that they only say and do certain things on that one day. It's that people enjoy celebrations.


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