Thursday, February 08, 2018

Gold Star???

We had MOUNDS of snow yesterday !!!  Last evening our neighbour (god bless him) shoveled out our front walk.  This morning I had to thank him... but he is either shy or reclusive and I didn't want to embarrass him.  So I packed up some of my homemade butterscotch cookies - attached a 'thank you' note and popped it in his mail box.

Then I went out back to our parking area.  Snow up to HERE!!  I brought the dog's rope...... tied her up out the back so she could romp around in the deep snow -- stupid dog LOVES deep snow -- loves pouncing in it.   And while she played and ran and leaped and pounced...... I shoveled.

And shoveled........... 

And shoveled......... 

Until I finally cleared the whole back parking area.......... 

the back pathway

  the parking area 

Then the dog who really thought we were gonna for a ride in the car started whining and 'talking to me' so I popped her in the car and drove down to my apartment to pick up the mail and check the place over (all was good!)  

Then home for a hot coffee for me and bed for the dog (she hasn't moved since we came in!!) 

Now don't you think this sweet lil subbie deserves a gold star (cheeky grin)


  1. I think you deserve at least 2 gold stars....hugs abby

  2. Oh man, that sure is one way to stay fit, shoveling all that snow. Think of how happy Sir Steve will be when he sees all you did!

    What are the long term plans for your apartment? It seems that you pretty much live with Sir Steve.

  3. I'm with Abby, 2 gold stars for you.



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