Saturday, February 17, 2018


Well it's not Friday -- but ya get the point.  It's the weekend -- time to make stories for next week..........

Only we still have the lil one with us AND it's a long weekend here -- Monday is 'family day' (another holiday I don't get --- family day?? shouldn't every day be family day?? ahhh well I'm old and cantankerous)

I bought some new 'toys' on Friday -- well pervertables as they are called -- and as I walked around the store with them in my basket -- my mind was creating the world's best fantasies based around the new toys...... making it hard to focus on my shopping -- and hard to ignore the heat that was building in my body.

I showed Sir Steve when he got home on Friday night -- and he grinned -- and I think his mind went to some great fantasies too -- but the bag was shoved into my lingerie cupboard and the door closed.  It will wait.

What we WILL do this weekend is take the lil one to a birthday party and run some messages on Sunday - and probably vegetate on Monday........  


  1. Or not.....

    We still have tonight and tomorrow night.

  2. Hey, your Sir hinted that there may be time for the pervertibles! :D

    And even if not, there will still be stories, just different ones of little ones and family and cuteness. Sometimes that is rough though, when you're wanting excitement and kinkiness. Hopefully it just increases the anticipation and excitement, though!


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