Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It's All in My Head

February brings out the worst of my 'seasonal affective disorder'  

Yesterday I texted Sir Steve and asked if he would 'make love' to me ...... I didn't want 'kinky run around the house naked ropes and spanks' sex -- I wanted him to hold me and make love to me. 

And we did -- make love that is........ and it was good -- not scream the roof off good -- not tears streaming down my cheeks good -- but it was good.

When I assumed we were finished -- and I started to wiggle over so he could snuggle in beside me -- he said "We're not finished yet!" 

4 little short clipped words and my world changed..... my knees went weak -- my belly tightened -- my heart pounded.

And he claimed me and made me his -- again -- and I knew I was safe and I belonged and the world was calm...... and I was centered.

AND it was more than good!

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