Tuesday, January 03, 2017

New Years

My luck improved over New Year's and I managed to get up to visit Hands and CG on New Year's eve and share their New Year's feast with other friends and family.

After dinner Hands suggested we exchange our gifts for each other .......... and I was more than surprised by their choice of gift for me........ 

Yes that is a knife :)  It was a huge surprise as Hands doesn't do knife play but knows how much I love it.  He has a friend (well it's my friend too) who does knife play so hopefully soon I will be going off to visit the scorpion for some knife play with my Christmas present 

There was some hope that Hands would manage to get down to visit me after all the celebrations were over -- but CG has picked up a bug.  

This winter won't be too long right??? Nicer weather will mean no road closures and no flu bugs and maybe private time will get back into a schedule.

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