Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Possibly a Fairytale - continued

Chapter 2

No matter the endings -- no matter how we swear we won't survive the endings..... Life continues and at some point we rejoin this thing called living.

I returned to W -- put my collar back on -- and continued with day to day life.  The Sadist moved on -- disappearing into a thick fog.  Occasionally I would catch glimpses of him ....... and I would smile and move on....... in time I was able to see him clearly and not have my heart bleed into my soul.

I changed schools -- I made plans to take early retirement -- I sold my home and finally moved to join W in Kingston.  Sometimes you just follow whatever 'yellow brick road' looms up in front of you because it's there -- despite the flying monkeys and wicked witches.

And there were so many flying monkeys -- and detours on this 'yellow brick road' I have been stumbling along.... looking for something lost a long time ago.  Trying to find someone who could fill some mighty big shoes  -- mostly not knowing exactly what I was looking for.....

And along this yellow brick road - I picked up bricks from time to time and reinforced the wall I had built up around my heart.  I couldn't see me surviving yet another broken heart.

I told myself I was 'ok'.... life was good.  If I said it enough -- I would believe it right?

And then in September -- out of the blue -- I got a message on Facebook from the Sadist.  

end of chapter 2  

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