Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Rules

all 12 steps are pretty damn good -- but there are a couple that I really need to work on.......

#2 - say exactly what you mean -- I have to learn to say / ask for what I want .... really want -- directly -- no beating around the bush -- no being coy - just ask. Simple as that.

# 3 - people pleaser that's me !!!  learning to please myself first and accept that others may want to please me is a difficult lesson to learn.

#5 - never speak bad of yourself -- I read something yesterday that struck a chord with me.  When we don't accept our bodies -- when we put our bodies down -- we are actually hurting the people who love us.  We are saying their opinions/desires for us is wrong.  That was an eye opener for me

#7 - don't be afraid to say 'yes' -- if you only knew how many times I didn't say anything when my body/mind was screaming YES -- but I was too shy or too scared to say it out loud.

the biggest one for me -- the most important one for me is

#6 - Never give up on your dreams!


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