Friday, January 20, 2017

Time Travel

It has felt a little bit like 'time travel' this last week or so....

 Last weekend angel came over for coffee on Saturday and stayed till after dinner (just like old times).  We talked and laughed and I cried -- and it felt like the time had fallen away and everything was just like it was before the spring.  Yesterday she was in Kingston and messaged me and came over again for coffee and again we laughed and talked (no I didn't cry this time) and I even got to meet her special someone who popped in to have coffee with us.

 Do any of you remember 'The Sadist' who used to come to play about a year ago.  He has continued to read here from time to time... and from time to time I would get an email -- just him checking up on me.  Those emails always made me smile -- it's nice when casual play brings with it a friend.  
Well I heard from him at the beginning of the week and we had a quick coffee on Wednesday -- cause he wanted to check up on me -- wanted to see how I was 'really' doing in person -- not trying to judge from words here on The Continued Journey.

And then of course there is my long lost friend who came out of the fog of the past in September and since Christmas has been pretty much in my life via messenger.  He's coming to visit me this weekend.  There's a rather long story to tell there I think...... but one that will keep till Monday -- and will most likely be told piecemeal - because dontcha know the very best stories are told in chapters....... or sequels. 

Yes in many ways it feels like time travel -- and maybe just maybe -- my time travel will take me back to a happier more self assured time a time when my heart was light and I trusted and loved with my whole being.

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  1. Morningstar .. Hope you're feeling better from your B12 deficiency. I too have been suffering from it but did not realize until my right under eye started twitching. After taking b12 tablets for 2 days, my eyes started getting better. I never realized that I had that deficiency as well because I am pretty tough outside and I was able to make sound decisions in businesses.

    I'm very glad that you do not settle for anything less in life now. I've added you on fetlife . Thanks .


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