Friday, January 06, 2017

Gold Star

12 hours to complete the ramped up tasks assigned by Hands.

BUT I did it !!

I won't say it was easy -- cause it really wasn't...... but his final words to me were "if you don't complete them - I'll just ramp it up again"  and trust me when I say I knew he would and dear lord I didn't want to see the ramped up version of the ramped up version!!

He didn't exactly give me a gold star -- cause ya know i should have done what I was told the first time.  In fact when I asked him if I was out of the doghouse -- his response was a simple "did you do your tasks?  Then you don't need to ask" 

That's who Hands is no nonsense -- get the job done -- kind of Dom.

And that -- I am learning -- is a very good thing!

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