Saturday, January 14, 2017


In case no one has guessed -- last week was pretty damn emotional.... between health issues (the B12) .. my 16 year old cat's health starting to fail (and knowing I may have to make a decision of quality versus quantity) the end of my therapy sessions -- the end of some dreams -- exploring lost relationships and to top it all off nicely, Friday I attended a funeral.

I think for the most part I held it all together really well for me ..........until the closing hymn at the funeral -  Amazing Grace - played on bagpipes and that was my undoing. 

The weekend stretches ahead of me -- quiet time for reflection.  I have been thinking (silly me!)  that maybe I jinx my relationships...... maybe I try too hard ...... maybe I need to not share so much ....... maybe all the endings are in some obscure way my fault ......... 

maybe I just need to get some more B12 into me so my thought processes settle down and god willing I become less emotional .. less self critical..... and a wee bit more 'normal'

Though a friend posted something on Facebook -- that made me smile.  I have no idea if it was directed at me BUT as the expression goes -- 'if the shoe fits, wear it!"



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