Monday, January 30, 2017

Making it 'official'

A week or so ago I told my girls about LLF.  My eldest already knew him -- having met him 8 or so years ago.  But not the youngest.   LLF wanted to meet them when the timing was right....... and like so many incidents in this new relationship -- the opportunity just kinda presented itself.

This weekend was the eldest's birthday -- and the youngest was hosting the family party.  I asked if I could bring LLF -- because -- well -- it's serious -- and my girls need to see that -- see him -- and know "Mom" is in very good hands.

I spent Friday night with LLF.  On Saturday morning he took me to meet some of his close friends.  And then after lunch we headed out to watch the grandkids snowboarding and then to the birthday dinner.

My eldest grandson (almost 16 years old) snowboarded over to us as we stood at the bottom of the mountain -- and I introduced him to LLF.  At the time I didn't think too much about the fact he kinda hung around with us for a bit.  Apparently in the car with his parents he fired off questions..... how old is he?? does he have any kids? etc.. Needless to say I was floored!!

We hadn't arrived at the house for long before the youngest asked me to run to the store and pick up some forgotten items.  I thought LLF would come with me -- apparently I thought wrong..... 

While I was gone the kids got to cross examine LLF -- the man needs his head examined to volunteer for this "getting to the know the family" ...... when I got home everyone was laughing and seemed happy and contented.  We had a good visit -- and left later than expected for the drive home.

There was another small step towards being "official".
On Saturday morning both LLF and I changed our profiles on FL acknowledging our relationship.  It's been a long long time since there was another name attached to mine....... a name that means something -- really means something!

(whispering) you know what the best part is -- the most fun -- listening to LLF looking to the future and talking about what WE will do.......... yup -- it's really nice to know that there is a future !!


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