Thursday, January 05, 2017

Long Lost Friend

About 8 years ago a friend and I drifted apart.  Life happens ya know? He got married...they had a baby ... 

Then this summer I noticed the wife had changed her status on Fetlife to single.  I won't say I wasn't surprised.... sometimes you just have a feeling about relationships ya know?

Anyway the end of September he messaged me on Facebook -- just a "hi how ya doing?"  We messaged on and off for a bit.  It was all pretty tentative....... felt a little bit like walking on eggs.

Then he suggested that perhaps on one of my trips to Montreal I might stop off and have a coffee with him and we could catch up.

After some thought I did stop in -- and we had coffee and a 30 minute rest stop landed up being a 2 hour chat with laughter and tears and memories.  The friend I thought I had lost was sitting in front of me -- nothing much had changed.  In fact it didn't feel like we had been apart for almost 8 years.

Over the Christmas holidays we had some long facebook chats.  It felt really good ya know..... like old times.  I mentioned a munch I was gonna go to this Friday and he wistfully talked about the munches we all used to attend.  I suggested, seeing as he didn't have his daughter this week -- and he hadn't ever been to Kingston -- that perhaps he would like to come and stay for a couple of days.  He said 'maybe'.

Yesterday he messaged and confirmed.  He is coming down today...... we'll talk and relive more memories, we'll wander around Kingston and go to a munch.  

Long lost friend found -- and that is a very good thing!

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  1. How lovely!
    Enjoy your time with your friend ;-)


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