Wednesday, January 11, 2017


As most of you know I have been battling an eating disorder for a little over a year.  I have been seeing my doctor and my therapist -- I have been getting blood tests done -- I have been fighting back.

And because I have been fighting back and genuinely trying to eat more calories in a day -- the doctor never discussed my blood results in detail.

I had a blood test -- my last one --  last week.  I didn't expect to hear anything.  


The doctor called me yesterday. He told me my B12 which has been very low hadn't climbed at all -- even though I am eating better.  He said it was time to take a B12 supplement.  

I am a smarter?? no maybe more confident patient now and I ask questions.  So I asked what were the numbers on my B12 - they were 136   and then I asked what should they be - between 300 and 600. 

Yup my B12 is low and so I will take supplements.  The interesting thing for me was the symptoms of low B12 -- fatigue - forgetfulness - anxiety and depression - aching joints and bones.  I definitely checked ALL the boxes. 

So I will go pick up the supplement at the drugstore and take the pills every day -- and am hoping against hope -- the symptoms will improve..... cause boy oh boy I have had the symptoms in SPADES!

Here's to a healthier - happier - less anxiety filled 2017! 



  1. Good for you for being on top of your health and continuing to fight ((hugs))

  2. I hope this helps your symptoms. It is important to be involved in your own health. I know I don't ask enough questions at the doctor!


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