Monday, October 31, 2016

Sexual Tension

Hands and I average 1 private time every 4 weeks or so.  I have noticed by week 3 I am starting to get a bit antsy.. but for the most part it's doable.


For some reason this past 3 weeks has been 3 weeks of tension building.

On Saturday Hands and CG came for dinner -- to celebrate in part my birthday and His (which is next weekend).  It was a good dinner -- with lots of wine and laughter........... After dinner CG and I took our usual spots sitting at Hands feet while the discussions continued.  

There was a lot of verbal teasing -- and touch teasing -- and oh lordie a whole lot of fodder for my fantasy world! (did I mention there was a whole lot of wine?!)

Saturday night's sleep was dream driven.......... 

Sunday I felt like I would jump out of my skin.  A little hung over (did I mention there was a whole lot of wine?) over tired and over stimulated .... Sunday was a snuggle under the blankets -- binge watching Netflix kind of day.  

That is until I dropped a very big hint to Hands of my skittishness.  His answer was simple -- two tasks to be performed before the end of the day. 

I hate it when he's right ........ but it did take the edge off and sleep Sunday night was much better with less dreams.......... 

Now it's just a waiting game until the stars align again and Hands and I can have some good old fashioned private time.

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