Monday, February 17, 2014

How a Sadist says "Happy Valentine's Day"

the above was posted on Facebook by an Armenian friend.  Honestly I don't know anything about the "real" St Valentine - but this works for the blog I have in mind about Sadists and Valentine's Day................ (follow the bouncing ball here)

W and I had a Valentine's munch on Saturday evening with a play party immediately following said dinner.  I decided to please W and wear a dress - a red one in honour of the occasion.  Under the dress I had black thongs - black bra and black stockings and black knee high boots. 

I had completely and totally forgotten why I do NOT wear dresses in the winter!!  

In the time it took me to walk to the car I was frozen !!  The arctic winds were blowing up my dress and giving me a good case of - shall we say - " chapped lips"  

Dinner was nice - the conversation stimulating............. and then we all headed off to a near by home for the play party.  W had loaded all - and I do mean ALL - the toys for the great Valentine beat down. (or is that beat up??) Not long after arriving at the party W and I headed downstairs - we had been forewarned that there was gonna be a big crowd and if we wanted any quality play time we should get to it pretty damn quick.

I  was soon down to my thongs and bra and stockings on the cross - gritting my teeth - trying to find that happy place in my head - but instead only hearing the little voices saying "you agreed to WHAT??!"  (I wonder some times if we played with any regularity - more than once a month - would the beginnings of a public play be easier to absorb)  

But my Sadist (said lovingly and with great respect) cycled through the 'easy' toys first - the two tongued leather tawse - the canes (2 different ones I think) the circus whip - the dog whip - and then he reached for the NEW whip!  the one that raised welts through my JEANS the first time he tried it.  I literally held my breath!  And it hurt - and I finally had to cave and beg W to stop - well not stop - but change toys.  There were numerous other implements used - and welts raised (which I still sported on Sunday) and then W's voice - soft in my ear - I had to focus to hear/understand him - "Who loves you?" was the question.  "You do" was the answer.  "How do you know?" was the next question and as always the answer was "because you beat me".

I realized then and there - that's how a Sadist says "Happy Valentine's" with whips and floggers and canes and ouchies......... leaving me drained and lost in the fog of endorphins..........

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  1. sixofthebest10:28 am

    I believe you chose the wrong words. Elizabeth Barrett Browning said. "How do I love thee, let me the count the ways". YOU wished to be SPANKED on your BARE BOTTOM, with the sexual lingerie, that you were wearing that day, by your ever LOVING HUSBAND. And you prepared yourself lovingly in this manner. Here is hoping that you had a BLUSHING BARE BOTTOM, at the end of the party.


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