Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearts and Flowers

I am here to say I HATE Valentine's Day -  I am the Scrooge/Grinch of Valentine's - I am!!

Right from grade school - when we all made those silly heart envelope/mailbox thingies to hang on our desks so our secret admirers could fill them with sillier cardboard heart cards.  I never saw the point to was a stressful time - the kids would count how many valentines they got and woe to the poor soul who only got a couple.

When I went back into the classroom as a teacher they had "improved" the whole ritual.  Oh there were still the silly mailboxes on the desks or one big one for the whole class - BUT - there were now chocolate hearts that could be purchased from the graduating class and sent secretly to your valentine.  AND woe to the poor souls who couldn't afford to purchase these chocolate hearts - or to the ones who didn't receive them. 

And the one true love of my life - husband at the time - never remembered Valentine's Day.  I always figured - stupid me - that when you actually found the one true love of your life - Valentine's Day was never a stressful day ever again.  My kids would bring home glitter covered valentine's cards for me - thanks to art class at school.  BUT there was never a really meaningful Valentine's Day celebration - it always felt forced.

Then I met W.  He was a man who believed in Valentine's Day.  He might not say "I love you" all year long - but he never forgot the flowers and sappy "I love You " valentines on Feb. 14th.  I know cause I watched how he spoiled his partner at the time.

When we became an item my 'laisser faire' attitude about Valentine's Day had to change.  Here was a man who honestly believed in the celebration of love.  I never had to wonder if there would be a card on the 14th - there always was... and usually flowers and some small gift.

This year too W remembered............ He came upstairs this morning while I was having my first cup of coffee with a gift bag - complete with card (not so sappy anymore - he says those sappy ones were when he was young and foolish) and the bag was filled with little gifts........... a teddy bear (cause I do love smooshy cuddly teddy bears) ... and a stylus for my new smart phone - and peppermint candies (dentine) that I love and can't seem to find anymore. 

From me - W got a sappy card (cause I am still young and foolish I guess) and tonite I have a romantic dinner planned (promise I'll post pics some time this weekend)

BUT I still say I am the "grinch/scrooge" of Valentine's Day - hearts and flowers - bah humbug!


  1. you are going to post all those nude shoots????

    Oh and just for the record, I came down from the bedroom where I had kept those items hidden from someone...

    Happy Valentines Day to all the romantics in this world...


  2. Nude shots? Geez..I guess I picked an excellent time to eranimate. (I was going to announce on your "thoughts from the darness" post, but that was pretty downer...)

    Or to put it another way..."Hello in there"

    Mr Upton Ogood

  3. hey you - Mr Upton Ogood!!! you pop in - make a comment even I don't understand and leave me no way of contacting you???!!! that is NOT playing fair !!! I am so glad to hear from you - believe it or not.
    I have missed you..........

    Now please explain what eranimate is - even google doesn't know / recognize it..

  4. Ordalie11:39 am

    not eranimate but reanimate perhaps.


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