Monday, February 10, 2014

Celebrating Winter???

Yup it's kind of a "if you can't beat 'em join 'em" kind of thing.  Kingston held a "FebFest" from Thursday till Sunday........... skating - sliding - polar bear plunge - maple candy on snow - well you get the picture!!!

W and I drove downtown on Thursday afternoon to see what was going on.  The snow sculpting contest had just started and wouldn't be finished until Friday around noon.  Being a Thursday - the kids were all in school and the adults were all at work - so there really wasn't much activity going on.

So yesterday I decided to take a run down to FebFest and try again. Yesterday there was the polar bear plunge - and truthfully I have never witnessed "nut cases" actually jumping into below freezing water for the hell of it!!  

I have to say I wasn't disappointed!!  

The snow sculptures were done............. the Golden Gate bridge...............

And London Bridge.............

The Polar Bear Plunge which was supposed to start at 11:00 but didn't start until after 11:30 as divers tried to remove as many ice blocks as possible................

Costumes were encouraged but not necessary..............

Unfortunately  there was no really good place to stand to take pictures of the plungers - thank goodness for telephoto lenses and the ability to crop............. 

About 150 crazies actually took the plunge - and raised over $22,000 for the Special Olympics!!!

After freezing my feet off for a good hour - I took a walk around to see the other activities.........

The ice slide............

 The snow maze.....

The maple taffee on snow...

Then - just before heading home I went to the ice rink and practiced my freeze motion shots (still need work - but they're coming!!) 

Ok - so all the celebrating is over - FebFest was a huge success - we can now - NOW - have spring - thank you very much!!!   


  1. Morningstar,

    I loved the narrative and the pictures. It looked like so much fun. God Bless those that took the plunge, it would not have been me. Thanks for sharing the creativity and excitement. NOW, on with SPRING and SUMMER!

    Have a great day.

  2. That looks like fun (to watch). Well I would ice skate and enjoy the maple but no jumping into the water. We are just getting some winter here in California which means rain which we desperately need. Hope you all get sunshine and send the wet stuff out here.

  3. You know that I have a really annoying pedantic side to me, well... That's Tower Bridge not London bridge (*Waits to get hit by thrown ornaments*). Well done the 150 crazies though.


  4. LOL@Spankedhortic - ok ok you got me - Tower Bridge it is. London Bridges fell down....... LOL

  5. Ordalie11:15 pm

    I've always wondered why people are ready to risk cardiac arrests by jumping into freezing water. That's beyond me! Thanks for the interesting photos!


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