Monday, February 24, 2014

Busy-ish Weekend

Saturday W had a train thing to go to in Ottawa (about a 2 hour trip from here).  So I hitched a ride with him and went up to see eldest daughter.  She moved to Ottawa and a new job in January and has just found a home to move in to - so - I decided it was time to run up and spend some quality time with her.

I know if I don't tell the puddle story - W is gonna nag me and torment me - so the puddle story..............
Because it was a relatively nice day (for February) I wore my crocs (which are basically slip on boots that look like shoes and have holes in the top and lining inside for warmth.  NEVER did it cross my mind I would need more than that!! After I had had a quick tour of the house......eldest daughter and I headed out to the bus.  We planned on spending the day in downtown Ottawa.  The sidewalks were a bit icy and there were some puddles but nothing my crocs couldn't handle.   Suddenly daughter - who was walking in front of me - gasped - stopped and then did this death defying leap over the snow bank to land safely on the road.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing and kept blithely slipping my way across the ice. Almost instantaneously I heard this cracking sound ....... and the next thing I knew my feet had broken through the ice and I was splashing around in ice water up to my ankles - filling my crocs from the sides and the holes in the tops.  I shrieked.  Eldest daughter started laughing and grabbing for me....... As I did the death defying leap over the snow banks to the relatively dry street - my feet  splashed and paddled in the boots.    Back home to borrow dry socks and dry boots from daughter.

We did finally catch the bus and head into town............... I took some pictures of course!!  but not that many..........

Really the only interesting view from the bus window.............. 

a nifty 50's style diner we had lunch in........... 

some street performers - spring may be closer than we think  

 W picked us up in town mid afternoon and by late afternoon W and I were on the road back to Kingston.  We both had a good day!!


Sunday - ahhhh yes Sunday - the breath holding day................. 

After the fiasco with the netbook - I did indeed remove the battery and washed down the key board (hell it was wet enough I honestly didn't think a bit more wetness could hurt it any worse) and plunked the whole mess in a BIG  HUGE bag of dry rice... sealed it up and threw it on the kitchen counter.  

Anyway - Sunday I decided best to see if funeral services were in order for the netbook.  So I pulled it all out of the rice - reassembled it and turned it on.......... Imagine my complete delight when the blue "on" button lit up.  

It actually worked.  I did have some coaxing to do with the mouse port - and discovered that for some reason some programs were missing bits - like Adobe was missing flash player (which I updated this morning) but all in all the old girl is limping along quite nicely and we are back together at the dining room table in the early morning with coffee. 

 Lil missy tried getting up on the table this morning and 3 times I shooed her off.  The fourth time I slapped her ass (honestly I promise - no animals were actually hurt during the slapping - just wounded pride)  and told her DOWN - she stomped off to the ottoman in the living room and grumbled and grumbled - but she hasn't come back up on the table since  - YAY!

All in all it was a good weekend 

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