Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Master Chef Canada?

Way back when, McDonalds brought out their "egg mcmuffin" and W had to - and I do mean HAD TO - try it.  Then began the race for the subsequent fast food places to bring out breakfast sandwiches.... and........... W had to try each of theirs.

Then W decided he would buy a kitchen gadget that would allow him to make perfectly round eggs the size of an english muffin and make his own egg mcmuffins.  And his kitchen began to fill up with egg gadgets.  With little success at mimicking McDonald's egg mcmuffin.

This past Christmas youngest daughter and her brood gave him a breakfast sandwich maker.

Oh we couldn't get home fast enough for W to try it out... it looked perfect !!!

Now before we go too much further I have to explain - W makes his own breakfast.  (stop it .. just stop it!!!  I can hear all you good subbies gasping in disbelief and falling over in a dead faint.  We all have contracts in one form or another - mine clearly stipulates "unless you wish to be poisoned and possibly yelled at - I don't DO breakfasts"  W was smart and opted to make his own breakfasts.)

Back to the story of the breakfast maker and the Master Chef Canada...............

W had a couple of false starts - with egg oozing out the sides and dripping all over the counter............. but he has slowly mastered the art of layering and cooking his very own breakfast sandwich.........

It obviously takes a lot of focus............

the bottom of the muffin goes in first (on the bottom) covered in bacon or cheese or bacon and cheese or sausage  depending how much cholesterol his heart can take and spices of course. Then you slide the flat metal shelf thingy over and add the egg to that and then top it all off with the top of the english muffin and carefully and gently and strategically lower the top down and press firmly yet gently.

  Then you must set the timer for exactly 4 minutes or is it 6 or 7 minutes - see I really don't know - if I learn I might have to make one one day...

After the prescribed amount of cooking time - you gingerly lift the top - swing the middle bit out and carefully - with the skill of a surgeon ease the freshly cooked sandwich out onto a plate ............... 

and then - if you are like W - you will want to have 2 of these heavenly delights - so while you munch on the one cooked you assemble one more to take to the table with a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy.............

W is very - extremely - proud of his breakfast sandwiches - he's my Master Chef Canada !!



  1. I LOVE this entry! You narrated it to a tee. And W looks so intense, like he may drool any moment! :)

  2. That looks so yummy! Ron makes fried eggs in our sandwich toaster. They come out shaped like triangles, but very tasty on toast.



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