Friday, February 21, 2014


Ok - so I didn't get around to tell you some very exciting news - post Valentine's news.

For the week before Valentine's, W and I entered a contest at our local TV news channel.  Basically - what we had to do was - each day find the cupid on their web site - fill in the form and submit.  SO every day we did that.  I was lusting after the prize.... a trip for two to romantic Niagara on the Lake - two nights at a luxury hotel, two breakfasts and one gourmet dinner.  oh yeah and a $25 coupon for the spa.  (Turns out the most we can get with $25 is a lip balm - W checked.  BUT I didn't care - we'd get 2 nights away)

Anyway............. Valentine's evening we are watching the local news and at some point I turned to W and said "we didn't win" He asked why I believed that and I said "cause they would have called us"............ just as I said the words I turned towards the tv screen to see W's name printed in giant letters across the screen as the big winner of the Cupid contest!!!  I started screaming ... and laughing... and bouncing up and down.. I couldn't believe he had won!!!! 

The hotel is pretty spectacular............


W has picked up the prize package which included a gorgeous spa robe and rubber duckie ........

W has booked our two days - end of March.  W has never seen Niagara Falls!!!  (yeah I know who hasn't seen Niagara Falls??!!)  So we are going to spend one day there soaking in the touristy stuff - and the gorgeous falls and the rest of the time living decadently in our hotel room - complete with fireplace and jacuzzi ....... and wandering the streets of historic Niagara on the Lake.

What a Valentine's we had!!!


  1. What a wonderful winter surprise. Post pictures, all of your readers will be looking forward to them. Have a lot of fun.

  2. Congrats....Niagara on the lake is a beautiful spot with lots to will love it.
    hugs abby

  3. Renee1:10 pm

    I guess being the Valentines Grinch has its perks ;)

  4. whoo hoo! Congratulations!

  5. If it makes W feel any better, *I* haven't seen Niagara Falls either! so there. :)

    BUT... very very envious of you both - I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time!!



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