Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine's

(Editor's note - Mr Upton Ogoode - you scoundrel you! sneaking back in - leaving a comment with nowhere for me to respond!!  email me please?? if possible??? if for no other reason than to translate your comment)

Now back to the originally planned blog entry...........

So I admitted yesterday to being the Scrooge/Grinch of Valentine's Day - which does not mean I ignore the day - especially with a W in my life.  

My gift to him was - a card of course!!  and of course I got this sparkly spangly sort of card (ulterior motive - my photographic eye saw possibilities) BUT it was sappy and very appropriate for "lover's day".  

Then I had a plan - to cook W his favourite meal and have a romantic dinner.  Now that took some planning.  You see - there were a number of 'glitches' to this plan.  First off we share the expense of food shopping - and I didn't want this meal to come from our shared budget.  So I had to sneak out and buy groceries without W finding out - and then hide them in the house - which I thought wouldn't be a major problem as cooking is my job and I didn't think W paid much attention to what was in the fridge/freezer. 


I had bought the ingredients for a nice salad and the other day when I was making lunch W said "and I will have some salad with my sandwiches".  ughhhhhhhh so I told him he had to stop snooping in the fridge and no he couldn't have salad for lunch as it was part of our Valentine's dinner.......... (le sigh)

Then I planned on baking a heart shaped - cherry flavoured (one of W`s favourite flavours) - cake for our dessert. HUGE task that was!!  I had to hope W would go out for over an hour and give me time to whip it up AND hide it before he got home - talk about timing!!  I just managed to get it hidden away in the `good dishes` cupboard when he literally walked in  the door.

Fortunately it snowed yesterday and W went out to shovel for a bit - and I threw together some icing and got the cake iced and hidden again before he came back in........ lordie I am surprised the cake was passable considering how it was `thrown together`!

Then it was just a matter of setting the table and cooking........ and  I did warn plead with W not to come upstairs from the Dom Cave until dinner time. 

The menu was grilled steak and baked potatoes with the infamous salad.........

and knowing how W loves bacon and cheese I added them liberally to his potatoe... 

all in all I think I pulled off the romantic dinner with a minimum of exposure (cheeky grin) and that includes the naked pics W promised on yesterday`s blog...

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  1. Dearest editor,

    I'm still at the same old place (right well known to you and me..).

    I'm at:

    or you can reach out and touch me (wherever and whenever you like) at

    (By the way...there is no -e- in Upton Ogood...the -e- makes me sound like Ogoody, which might make sense, but it's a differnt joke) :-)

    Nice to see that you're thriving.

    G'bless to you both.


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