Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Snap Snap

On Monday I decided to head off and do some exploring with my trusty lil camera.  The weather was near perfect - well no storms and not sub zero temps.  

I headed off to find the Kingston locks.  My mother used to picnic there all the time and I figured what better place to get some neat shots of frozen water than at the locks.  Unfortunately though, the locks appear to be closed in the winter - definitely the parking lot is closed -  I managed to scoot around the corner and pull my car off the road - not quite in the ditch but pretty damn close.

I perched half on/half off a snow bank - on a curve in the road - snapping shots of the ice and water.  Definitely not an ideal shooting arrangement.  It took approximately 5 minutes to exhaust my shooting options.  The outcome wasn't bad - but it wasn't great either....................

Now I was faced with where to go for more shots.... I hadn't spent all that time layering the clothing - pulling on my mountain man boots, hat and scarf and mittens to head home after only 10 minutes.  So I headed back to Lemoine Point - the area of my first ever photo shoot with my class.  Folks had talked about all the animals in this conservation area - so I had high hopes of spotting an owl - or a fox - or maybe even a deer.

The one thing about Lemoine Point is it is vast - and I do mean vast!  You can walk for hours.  I decided to take a new pathway.  First mistake.  It was mostly through open fields of snow swept drifts.  Can I say BORING!!! pretty but boring!

After a good 20 minute walk I did manage to work my way into the "forest" area.  I walked quietly taking my time (watching my footing over small hills and icy patches) keeping my eyes and ears open for signs/sounds of animals.  But still nothing more than stark trees against a winter sky................

After nearly an hour of walking I turned around and headed back to the main gate discouraged.  It really hadn't turned out to be the type of photography day I had hoped I approached the main gate ............ it turned out "she" had been waiting for me............ to say goodbye maybe???

she was definitely cheeky though - look closely at the following pic - you will see she is sticking her tongue out at me 

BUT that is not the end of my photographic adventures.  

Yesterday W was heading down to Montreal to go to his train club.  I was to do the grocery shopping in the morning - and W announced - I would go back out again in the afternoon and take more shots.  I whined a bit - "where will I go?" and he answered "don't much care - pick a park" and headed off to Montreal. 

So yesterday afternoon found me layering on the winter clothes to head back out to snap some more pictures.  I have had this idea to photograph junk yards.  I don't know why but they just appeal to me.  However I didn't have a clue where to find one - wondered about how willing the owners/operators would be to have a stupid female wandering around snapping pictures.  I decided that would take a whole lot more investigation than I had time for ........... BUT .... there is a tourist area just north of where we live called Sharbot Lake.  I have seen the road signs for years and thought I might find some interesting subjects up there.  So off I headed.  (editor's note here - I didn't have a clue where it was other than north of us and this was really pushing my limits going off somewhere new by myself)

I am not sure what I expected - definitely NOT what I found.  First off the first road sign told me that Sharbot Lake was about an hours drive.  Second it wasn't on a big highway but a two lane highway - that was snow covered.  I almost turned around.  I should have turned around.

I kept going by farms with horses and wishing I could stop and take a picture - but there was absolutely no where to stop............. no soft shoulder only snow banks.  At one point I felt like I was on this road to nowhere with nowhere to turn around.  I began to question the sanity of this adventure.  

It was a picture perfect drive.  And more than once I wished I could stop and snap a shot or two.  The snow glistening like diamonds on the trees....the multiple small lakes I passed untouched by man............... it was glorious (well it was when I dared to take my eyes off the road)

Finally I reached Sharbot lake.  I drove right through it and nearly missed it.  About the only reason I knew I was in the town was the speed limit was reduced from 80kms to 60.............. 5 minutes later I was back up to 80 heading along this winding/twisty turning highway again.

I found a spot to turn around - carefully.  I got the car heading south and started home.

There was one spot though - I had seen it heading up - with a dilapidated old building by the edge of the road (sort of).  I was bound and determined I was gonna get that one shot if it killed me - I wanted/needed proof for W that I had actually tried to do another photoshoot.

As I came around a turn in the road there it was................. I looked and the soft shoulder was non-existent.  But a little further down the road it did widen a bit.  I slowed down and pulled the car as far over to the side as I dared without putting it over the edge - into a ditch or worse - into the river.  I put my emergency flashers on - carefully climbed out of the car with my camera and scurried back to the spot.

Again I stood half on a snow bank and half off - one eye on the road - one eye on the building ............. and snapped.  I have to admit I am quite glad I did.................. 

Today we are housebound again......... more snow and blowing snow.......... BUT February Fest starts here tomorrow and I am planning/hoping to head downtown and get lots of pics of snow sculptures and toboggan runs and all the excitement.

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  1. Beautiful shots! I applaud your spirit and determination. Hope you not only get great pictures at the festival but really enjoy yourself.


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