Tuesday, February 18, 2014

colour me sad

Since I moved here to Kingston - my little netbook has come to the dining room table every morning so I can do my "computer things" while I have my first cup of coffee.  It is one thing lil miss ashes has not gotten used to............... 

in Montreal I went to my office and she would curl up behind me on the office chair.  Recently - here - she has decided she HAS to curl up on the table next to the netbook.  We had a small incident a week or so ago where her tail knocked my coffee cup and spilled the dregs onto the table splashing my netbook.  Since then I have shooed her off the table.

This morning we went through the shooing process - and then I got involved in a blog I was reading - too involved. Miss Ashes climbed up on the table and curled up beside the coffee cup without my noticing,  The next thing I knew she had sent the full cup of hot coffee/milk and sugar over the keyboard - over the table and over me.  

The computer hissed and steamed and shut off.

It is now sitting in the kitchen sink draining coffee out of the insides.

I am sitting in a corner in the downstairs office - at W's desk on his sister's laptop - feeling sick to my stomach.  

Some days it just feels like the odds are stacked against me..........

Unless some miracle happens - the netbook is toast.  It would cost me more to fix it (maybe fix it?) than it cost me to buy it....... probably more than what it would cost me to buy a new one (if I had the money to buy a new one)......... 

Just colour me sad


  1. you HAVE to wait until it really doesn't work to start worrying!!!

    If it doesn't work, W/we will handle that problem when it comes!!!

    Got IT !!!!


  2. Ordalie11:50 am

    Morningstar, even if you had to buy a new netbook, remember the only goods whose prices are regularly dropping are precisely those sort of goods.

  3. Anonymous12:23 pm

    He's right (of course!) you know. I spilled an entire can of Coca-Cola into the keyboard of my laptop last summer. Wiped it down shook it off, turned it upside down and drained it and left it shut off for days. Eventually I lucked out and it turned back on. some of the keys are wonky and the screen jumps once in a while but it works! Here's hoping yours will too!


  4. Hoping for a good outcome. Maybe it will be ok in a day or two.


  5. Hi Morningstar,

    When I dropped my BlackBerry into a body of water, I was lucky to tell my problem to someone who knew what to do.

    First I removed the battery. Then I filled a container with raw rice, buried the BB and the battery in it and waited 48 hours. Once the rice has absorbed all the water, it was as good as new and worked fine for another two years.

    You could try that after a gentle wipe with a damp cloth to remove the sugary coffee.

    Good luck!


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