Monday, February 03, 2014

Balancing Act

"And remember Life is a great balancing act" - Dr. Seuss

We had a good weekend - yes we did.  Friday night we drove a total of (round trip) 3 hours for a 2 hour munch.  They are a nice bunch of folks - W likes them a lot - and so it is well worth the 3 hour trip to break bread with them

There were moments of fun - and laughter on the weekend - like when I "tackled" W and pulled him down on top of me on the bed - and got my "pink bits" spanked for it.  How I laughed - it was like old times - laughter and giggling and slaps and fun.

We shoveled  - which seems to be a weekly activity this winter.  And we had friends drop by both on Saturday and Sunday.

But this morning I have this black feeling - this something isn't quite right feeling... the "I'm really not enough for Him" feeling........ a feeling that too much of this relationship is about me and not nearly enough about Him......... and what he needs and wants.  Feelings of failing him somehow.  Very scary feelings that I want to make right.......... cause if I am not enough for him then things do HAVE to change right??? I want him to be happy - to have all that he needs/wants......... I don't ever want to be the reason he isn't happy................. 

Life is indeed a great balancing act................      

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