Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I was walking up the stairs wiggling my ass at W and out of my mouth came the shocking words "Fuck off".

W called me back downstairs
W had me drop my drawers and bend over the sofa
W took the rattan rug beater down off the wall
W beat my ass.

I cried ............. hard.

When it was over we hugged like always - but inside I was a pounding mess of emotions.
Let me give you some of the back story from where I sit................

I have been living here for 7 months now.  It has become quite clear that the fantasy life I had built up in my head is just that "a fantasy".  W and I have fallen into a very comfortable living style.  I am not his equal by any standards - but not submissive either - more like a roommate/housekeeper.  There is very little if any M/s when we are living here just the two of us.

BUT when we go to munches or play parties or when someone from the community drops in then the M/s comes out full force.  I am this good lil subbie - fetching and carrying - tote that barge lift that bale sort of thing.  BUT the rest of the time..... I am just me - he is just W.

I tried very very hard to maintain the whole subbie mind set - by myself - but honestly - truthfully - it hasn't been working too well - which is why I said I am more roommate/housekeeper than submissive. It all feels a little confusing.  I feel a little out of sorts - not very centered - always just on the edge of a complete melt down.

So on the weekend when I was going up the stairs - I reacted much the way I would react to a roommate........ "fuck off" .  It honestly wasn't said in anger - it was a bratty - ass wiggle - kind of comment.  I never EVER expected W's reaction to be what it was.  I had no warning you see - I didn't know we were doing M/s at that exact moment. 

It certainly won't happen again.  I learned my lesson.  Life's like that sometimes - creeps up and bites on you on the ass when you lest expect it.  Lesson learned.


  1. sixofthebest11:26 am

    You must admit saying those words "Fuck Off", to your ever loving husband, he had a right to spank you. Next time I hope he canes that voluptuous naked rear end of yours. Six of the Best. Six of the very best strokes would be appropriate for such language that a lady like you should never use.

  2. Ordalie12:26 pm

    I'm not in any D/s lifestyle but I would never say "fuck off" to my husband, first because I'm polite and second because it seems that sort of formula has been recently too much used everywhere and has lost much of its force.

  3. OK , so i shouldn't laugh but i did. You know , i can relate exactly to where you are coming from about reality not being how your mind thought it should. i sometimes think this also, and then berate myself because nobody else ( apart from now you) seems to voice these things. i guess it is OK to be the brat occasionally to get a reaction ( Himself would probably say NO) but sometimes we are human and need a reaction such as you got. Thank you morning star for being human xx
    saffy xx


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