Friday, February 24, 2012

Made it!

Well it was a bloody awful week......... between sleep deprivation......... angry /threatening parents ......... a stupid lazy School Board ..........a workshop on Monday ..... an Asian "celebration" with my kiddies last night .. and a PED day today.... and of course the always stressful tax receipts.......... I am done.

Oh and I forgot to mention a total and complete melt down with W on the phone - that had me screaming like a banshee then collapsing in uncontrollable tears after I hung up (cause trust me he didn't deserve it) 

On the back burner there has been a sick daughter (ok it was just the flu but still I was worried) a planned trip to Ottawa Saturday - will it snow or not??  What to bring as it is a pot-luck .........What to wear??  Then reading some fall out around this workshop and wondering if I will be able to bite my tongue if something stupid is spewed forth as Gospel

And then this morning........ waking up with a sore throat, headache, achy bones, and stuffy nose and wondering if I should just put everyone out of their misery and shoot myself.

Oh yeah............. thank god it's Friday! 


Oh on a brighter note...... I want to share with you our "celebration" of Asia yesterday with 150 kiddies.  

For those of you not following my insane project this year - I am attempting to teach the children about different cultures around the world ...... by "visiting" different countries for a month - 6 weeks.  We have just been to Asia - and the children have learned about some of the celebrations they have ...... they have practiced writing their names in Japanese....... they made lanterns and wish flags and lucky envelopes and wooden carp fish and dragon kites.

Yesterday we worked really hard to learn how to use chopsticks for our celebration where the children feasted on Chinese meat dumplings and of course fortune cookies.  Some other staff dropped by to see how it was going (the smell of the cooking dumplings brought them - it smelled so yummy !!) and praised me for making such an effort with the children - that felt good !!  We all need our egos stroked occasionally no??? 

Anyway........... just one picture of our cafeteria decorated for the celebration - sorry no pictures of the kiddies trying to master the chopsticks - not politically correct ........ but trust me when I say it was hilarious to watch !!!



  1. What a tireless worker you are! I'm sure everyone benefited from their trip around the world.

    We were supposed to get tons of snow overnight and today, but it all fizzled out, thanks goodness. You are probably okay to travel this weekend. Any leftover fortune cookies to take to the potluck?


  2. lol last week I went out with a guy whose courting me at the moment , and we went to a Chinese restaurant, and he insisted I at least try to use chop sticks. I felt like a little kid. You must have had quite a mess to clean up! I'm glad you guys had fun though ;)

  3. Anonymous9:00 am

    Yor are a great teacher, morningstar! What a wonderful experience for the kids... wish I could have been a spider on the cafeteria wall.

    Wishing you a great restful weekend.


  4. hope you feel better soon and saturday goes well :)

    you seem like an amazing teacher i am sure the kids appreciate you


  5. enjoy Ottawa it is pretty in new snow


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