Saturday, July 10, 2010

Subtle energies

There are a whole mess of subtle energies that can affect a play session........ even one you have been waiting for........anticipating...... jonesing for.

I had been looking forward to yesterday - we were going down to the gay village to wander around and see the exhibits (they had art exhibits going on in the village) grab a bite to eat and then head off to a play party/birthday party at a local club.

In case you don't live in the area........ it has been hot and HUMID for the last week - unbearably so. Yesterday wasn't much better - but the predicated thunder storms had hit - and we had had torrential rain for most of the day. All I could think of was "I am gonna look like a drowned rat by the time we get to the party"
(I took an umbrella - and between that and the gods smiling on us and the rain turning to showers by evening - the drowned rat look was not my fet wear for the evening)

I tend to classify clubs in my head....... my classification system - only mine !! and probably won't make a whole lot of sense to anyone else.

Last night's club is my "more formal" club. I always feel - a bit - like I have wandered into a library when I am there. There is no loud music - the lights are dimmed - candles burn - there is quiet conversation.

Last night - almost as soon as we arrived - I felt the ambiance had changed - drastically. To start off - it was unbearably hot. Turns out their AC kept blowing the circuit breakers. Within less than an hour of our being there, it was crowded and noisy and HOT! People started drinking - a wee bit too much for my liking.

We went upstairs to play - and because of the heat - Sir M closed the door on the room we were in - to make the most of the AC that was limping along. Within less than an hour of play - my ass popped. (well that is the way it was described to me) two small holes opened up and started bleeding. (what in god's name is THAT about !! it hasn't happened to me before - well at least not in the first session!!) Sir M went in search of paper towels to stem the flow of blood and stumbled across someone giving someone else a blow job. (can I say ewwwwww)

Downstairs again...... the party had taken on the air of a frat house drunk. (ok ok I am probably being a bit judgmental here especially since I rarely drink - and NEVER drink when I am playing) Mid way through the evening I had some drunken woman trip over me and nearly land up in my lap - big laughs all round - except from me.

I went into another room where I hoped to find some air movement and perhaps a little quieter crowd ..... to see a Dom lifting his kilt in front of the AC unit and airing out his .......ummmmmmmm... wiggly jiggly bits. I scurried back to Sir M.

He took me upstairs for a second play session (and to help me escape from the subtle energies that were playing havoc with my mood) ......... And it was fun - just what I needed. Sir M managed to chase all the weird vibes out of my head with a swing of the flogger........the thud of the paddle...... and the cut of the knife. Oh yeah......... and a band-aide on my ass to stop the stupid hole from bleeding.

Tonite there is another play party - at a club I class as the "party club" loud music - louder people........ and usually loads of fun !!

Subtle energies surround us......... and sometimes invade our space and our minds. But it would seem I have a magician for a Sir - who can make 99% of the bad subtle energies disappear.


  1. Does the pain play replace a desire for sex, do you dislike sex or just some of the variations? I've never been able to figure it out.

  2. Orage1:49 pm

    Neither have I.

  3. They don't sound like such subtle energies to me! That sounds intense, i'm not sure i'd be able to hear myself think enough to space in those conditions!

    Hope you heal quickly and have a better night of play soon!



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