Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Gift

No matter how hot the air .. no matter how hot the skin is.. the steel of the blade is always cool for a moment or two against naked skin,

It is easy to sense when the play has gone from the heat of leather or wood to the cool cutting tease of the blade.

My heart beats a rapid tattoo against my chest as the blade travels along my skin .. leaving in it's wake rising welts in it's wake. Always the chance that the skin might open like a ripe tomatoe.. always the chance of a nick...

The adrenlin rushes through the veins.. pounding in the head.. pulse beats.. eyes close....

My mind's eye watches the blade travel - down my back .. over my ass.... down ..between my legs teasing... breathe catching in my throat... feeling the tightening deep inside..

This is my sensual play - always the threat?? promise?? of more..

And like with all play it ends way too soon... leaving me wanting more - the bane of my existence - the wanting more ............ push me further, higher, harder.


I have never had my own knife.

Before this......

Raheretic has gifted me with this beautiful knife. A heavy knife with more edges and points than I have ever seen before.... and it makes such lovely patterns on my arms... (I couldn't resist trying it last night !!)

It is mine forever - a souvenir/reminder of these dear friends I call the Heron Clan


  1. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Beautiful! Just a suggestion...I assume you flew down to visit them. You might want to mail the knife home. TSA employees--the ones responsible for airport security--are notorious for having sticky fingers. If someone sees that when x-raying your checked luggage it might disappear.

  2. I managed to get a gaming knife from Canada to England, I wrapped it in newspaper, a towel, numerous layers of clothes put it in a carrier bad, then in a towel, tied it together with string.. my son has it now in his gun cupboard. Does this beautiful knife come with a first aid kit?



  3. That is a beautiful knife- I love knife play! My Master has a tendancy of keeping a knife in ice before play and using it to mindfuck- the ice creates a dripping sensation and when blindfolded I cannot tell the difference between the drip of the ice and blood.


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