Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Ok.. I need help. Really I do !!

I have decided I am going to get my 3rd tattoo.

I have a celtic butterfly on my right breast. I have the BDSM symbol on my left thigh....

And now I want another one ......... I am thinking I will put it on my back - high up near the right shoulder - or maybe the left shoulder???

I originally said I wanted a fairy - seeing as they have so much meaning in my life.

But then so does everything oriental.

Can you see the quandary I am in??

Oh yeah and I don't want it big. I am more a discrete tattoo type. I don't want it advertising on my body. I want it big enough to draw your attention but not so big it is screaming at you..........

Ok - so here's where you all come in..........

I love this picture........... but if I shrink it down to about 3 inches - it will lose the detail no??? And I am wondering how it will look on white skin... and when I say "white" I mean WHITE..... (there won't be any black background)

and this one

I am thinking it is just toooooo colourful - and worry it would lose some of the depth and interest if the colour is removed and it is done in black and white and shades of grey........

Ok.. so then while I was hunting down faeries to tattoo on my body... my mind was whirling around and suddenly I am asking myself - "why faeries??" why not something oriental - as I have always loved oriental - even more than faeries...

So I came up with these..............

This one carries on with the butterfly theme.......... BUT I hate the colours!! and wonder if it wouldn't be difficult to change the colours - god !! I couldn't change the colours / shouldn't change the colours I am colour blind for god's sakes !!!

Then in total frustration I thought I will just have the symbol for submissive (which is - if I am correct - really woman) tattooed to my ankle.

And that idea is really winning my vote - cause it is the simple way out.......

And then I found this geisha...... and thought I could have it tattooed to my right or left shoulder with the symbol for submissive under it and just off center of it.......

Ok.. come on folks.. tell me what you think.. which one.. HELP..
I have nearly 150 visitors a day....... surely a good portion of you "visitors" will have some opinion............help me out here ........... PLEASE!!!

editorial note: there appears to be something wrong with the comments... they aren't showing up in the comment box.. but never fear - they are showing up in my email.... so I am getting everyone's thoughts and votes on the tattoo issue!!


  1. Maybe you could talk to the tattoo artist doing it and see if they can combine both a fairy and Japanese symbol into one.

    Heck, you are talented with photos to do it yourself too..

  2. Anonymous8:28 am

    I think I like the last idea of the geisha and the symbol for submissive tattooed near it. It's simple yet elegant, and it seems to hold a lot of personal meaning for you. Just my opinion, though. Any of the options would look beautiful. :)

  3. Okay, okay! I love tats so I'm outta lurking on this one.

    That first picture is actually 4.694 inches wide. (Guess this would mean that anything that's about 300px is about 4 inches.)

    There's not a whole heck of a lot of color to that second picture. There's NO way that's too much! LOL

    The the third would probably look nice if the wing were done differently. Remember, the guy (or gal) who will be doing this is...yanno...an artist so you could have them redo it (or simply pick a more neutral color that'd look good - same with the pink hair in #2, if that's what you're worried about).

    The last two, I like a lot. What would be really neat: using the kanji to close up the bottom of her dress. Just a thought! :)

  4. tranquility9:17 am

    I agree with dara; a combination of the last two images would look great.

    Now back to lurking.

  5. @ dara and tranquility

    Thank you so much for unlurking to give me your opinions... Also to prove the comment section is working!! two comments went to my email but not here.. I was beginning to worry...

    I promise once I have made a decision I will post it..

    ummmmmmmm who knows maybe I will simply post the tat done !!

  6. A tattoo is absolutely personal. If you need feedback you probably shouldn't be getting one.

    (I know that might sound snarky, but it isn't. I haven't had my first sip of coffee yet.)

  7. I like the geisha best of the choices you gave!
    Have fun with a new one~

  8. Hmm..was thinking that you want the tattoo there but not screaming. On your shoulder it might been seen more often than you wish. What about the nape of your neck? This way, you can have your hair down and it's covered, and if you put it up, you have a beautiful tattoo which you can decide whom and when will see it.

    I like the symbol for submissive.

  9. Anonymous7:18 pm


    Are you familiar with any photo processing software? You can play about with saturation to see what less colour looks like. I've just had a quick look at IrfanView (which is free) and you can do some colour swapping so if you use other software I'm sure you'd be able to do it with that. And I'd guess that most such software allows you to make color photos black and white (I use paintshop pro and I know it does).

    Have fun with the decision making.

  10. I agree with Buffalo. I wouldn't want your decision to be influenced by others' personal preferences.

    How about getting a temporary (maybe henna) tattoo done of the one you think you like best. And then, if you love it, go ahead and get the real tattoo? That's my best suggestion.

    Also, if you need any help with modifying some images, I'd be glad to help. Just let me know.


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