Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life update......

Back in March I said I would keep this blog going and be perfectly frank and honest about the "process". (going from being collared to uncollared) Ok so this is the 4 month report.

As most of you who read my scribbles regularly know... I am doing ok.. (alright - better than ok!!)

I have managed to redefine myself - sort of - kind of....... from the polite words "pain slut" to the in your face definition "masochist".

I have found not one - but two - amazing Sirs who are Sadists to play with me every single solitary weekend !!! for hours !!! bless my cute lil ass !!

Something I haven't talked about is a kind of a side effect to this uncollaring new life journey. I have lost weight. I am one of these people who can NOT eat when they are upset / stressed / unhappy...... So obviously in the first month I lost a fair amount of weight. Then of course I caught the "I wanna die virus" in the second month that kept the weight loss program going.......... and now..... well now I have plateaued ........ things have slowed down....... but I have been told by very reliable sources that my ass now has definition and my midriff is smaller. I know my feet are smaller cause I had to buy new shoes.. and my breasts are smaller cause I had to buy new bras. Not a bad side effect right??!!

On the negative side...... I have lonely times. Times I long to have someone to snuggle with ........ oh hell.... snuggle is such a polite word. I miss being "fucked". (ok - it's out there ) Most of the time my numerous toys fill the need...... but there are days when I just wish there was someone else in the bed with me. Thankfully those days are few and far between........ and don't last long. And no one died from not being "fucked" right??

So the long and short of it is....... the pluses far out weigh the negatives....... This is still an Adventurous Journey and I am having the time of my life !!

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  1. I know how your feeling...I'm new to the lifestyle but have been single for a while. There is often times that I just want a body beside me. I want someone to wake me to fulfil their be "fucked" as you put it. Your not alone.


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