Monday, July 12, 2010


This may become "mission impossible" but I want to try and describe the intense fragments of play that happen on occasion during a play time with the two Sirs.

I am not talking about the strike of a paddle, or a sting of the whip... but more the intense rattle your soul feelings that happen in a flash of an eye and are gone - never to be recaptured in the exact same way again..........

* opening my eyes and seeing Sir F holding my trembling arms tightly and hearing her whispered murmurs

* feeling the hard almost brutal thrust of a hand against my hot ass - massaging a stinging burning ache

* my head moving forward seeking solace and finding it against Sir F's breasts - inhaling her scent deeply

* feeling Sir M's body slam down across my back pinning me to the equipment - almost knocking the breath out of my body

* the hard thrust of a leg between my legs pushing harder upward pinning me to his leg....... feeling the cool of the leather against my hot burning skin

* the huge silver handle of his flogger thrust roughly and firmly between my legs the large nob banging against my clit jewelry - slowing the tremors yet causing my heart to leap out of my chest

* The knife tracing patterns only he can see down my body...... but most especially over my breasts......... and days later running my fingers over the raised welts - eyes closed - remembering

* opening my eyes and staring deep into his eyes - feeling my soul opening to his gaze - no walls to stop him.. letting him see deep into my soul - feeling my knees go weak from that look........ wanting it to stop and wanting it to go on forever.

Intense moments............ more precious than any bruises or welts left as souvenirs.

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